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Forum Economico Bilaterale Italia-Argentina: Immagine

Italy-Argentina Bilateral Economic Forum

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Myenergy SpA is present in Argentina.

During 13 and 14 June 2019 the "Italy-Argentina Bilateral Economic Forum for Innovative SMEs and Start-ups", organized by ICE – Agency, the Italian Embassy in Buenos Aires, in collaboration with the Argentine Ministry of Productions.

This Forum is one of the most important bilateral initiatives in light of the intense collaboration between Italy and Argentina, confirmed at the recent meeting between the President of the Council Conte and President Macri.

The ICE Office in Buenos Aires, has collaborated with the most important economic and political institutions of Argentina with the aim of amplifying the promotional action in favor of Italian companies and creating the basis for the development of industrial collaboration.

The forum was attended by members of the highest offices in the country, including D. Giuseppe Manzo, Ambassador of the Italian Republic in Argentina and D. Jorge Fauire, Minister of Foreign Affairs, together with technical interventions to present success stories of some Italian companies already present on the market and to outline the country's economic structure in the various industrial sectors, in the framework of possible strategies in the Mercosur area.

On the sidelines of the plenary session, customized B2B meeting agendas were presented, with previously selected Argentine counterparts.

Italy-Argentina Bilateral Economic Forum: Immagine 1
Italy-Argentina Bilateral Economic Forum: Immagine 2
Italy-Argentina Bilateral Economic Forum: Immagine 3
Italy-Argentina Bilateral Economic Forum: Immagine 4
Italy-Argentina Bilateral Economic Forum: Immagine 5
Italy-Argentina Bilateral Economic Forum: Immagine 6

Focus sectors in the Forum:

Mechanics: The main joint ventures are present above all in the components and assembly sectors. A very important sector for complementarity with Italian companies is that of agricultural machinery in Argentina, which brings together over 850 companies with exports of over 20% of national production.

Agro-industry: the agro-industrial sector - with an agriculture with extensive crops - contributes 30% of the country's GDP;

Economic opportunities for Italian companies: Mechanics - supply of intermediate and final goods for the various production chains of local mechanics and plant engineering.

Clusters and technological centers: In Argentina there are plans for development for SMEs oriented to the enhancement of some technological sectors: Agro-industry, Agricultural Mechanics, Software, Leather.

Audiovisual: There are several co-production agreements underway between the Italian and Argentine industries in the sector. Italian films have always been very popular with the Argentine public and the prospects for expanding the sectoral market are significant, as well as new opportunities for collaboration and training in "making films".

Renewable energies: economic opportunities in the renewable energy sector in terms of subcontracting, plant engineering and high-tech materials.

Of particular importance are the sectors for innovative startups in order to favor an integration platform between Latin American and Italian companies, in sectors such as: Creative Industry, Industrial Robotics, Fintech (Technologies applied to finance) Life science (Technologies applied to health sector).


Argentina represents an emerging market with 24 provinces, each with its own excellence and economic opportunities. It is therefore a particularly favorable opportunity for Italian companies, both in terms of commercial possibilities and for "transversal" activities such as the transfer of technologies and know-how, the establishment of joint ventures and other forms of entrepreneurial matching.

On the occasion of the initiative incentives and programs were presented by the highest authorities in the country and by the leaders of local industrial and business associations.

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