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Impianti solari per privati


Photovoltaic Systems and integrated solutions for individuals

Customized designs for energy saving

Myenergy is one of the leading national companies in the energy sector at a residential level, and addresses private customers who are interested in customized solutions for energy and bill savings. Myenergy's team offers a complete service: it analyses the specific needs of the customer, conducts analysis of the technical and economic feasibility, identifies the best actions to be taken with a view to sustainable energy, follows the entire project process and deals with the paperwork for the expected tax incentives or for any financing.

Residential photovoltaics

We design and implement turnkey photovoltaic systems for houses or condominiums, identifying tailor-made solutions to obtain the maximum yield and the greatest possible savings based on the peculiarities of the building and the surrounding area.

Myenergy supports each customer during the whole process, taking care of all design phases in first person:

  • feasibility analysis to optimize system installation
  • search for funding, agreements with banks (performance bond), stipulation of customised insurance packages
  • concept design, electrical and architectural project
  • management of the authorisation procedure and grid connection request
  • careful selection of materials based on the reference parameters of the installation site (exposure, guidance, structural features) and to optimize ROI
  • supply and installation the photovoltaic system and grid connection
  • possible removal and disposal of asbestos (if necessary), preparation of authorization paperwork and cladding remaking
  • management of the paperwork in order to apply for tax deductions for individuals (income tax deduction of 50% on the cost of the system in case of rated power less than 20 kW).
Solar systems for individuals

Energy efficiency for individuals

Myenergy has created a company dedicated to energy efficiency, which seeks effective solutions for the reduction of energy use in private buildings and to lower the environmental impact, consumption and costs of property management, while improving the value of the property.

The work of the technicians of Myenergy SpA is based on a careful analysis of consumption and the systems of the building and then drawing up a plan of intervention, in close collaboration with the customer and in the light of the cost/benefit evaluation: this is followed by the executive design, the implementation of the identified solution and the final release of the certification of consumption reduction and energy class increase of the building.

Thermoregulation of the single room, the replacement of the boiler with hybrid systems with heat and solar thermal pump, LED lighting, installation of smart systems and columns for charging electric vehicles are some of the examples of interventions to save on the energy bill.

Residential photovoltaic plants