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New Energy for businesses and companies

Customized solutions for controlling energy costs

Companies exploiting large quantities of energy for their production purposes increasingly need to study sustainable alternatives for energy consumption. Myenergy is one of the main EPC contractors of the Italian scene and offers industries innovative services for energy cost reduction, revamping of pre-existing systems, as well as turnkey projects for the production of energy on its own, thus progressively reducing energy dependency from producers.

Industrial photovoltaics

Design and installation of photovoltaic systems tailored to industries and companies, to ensure savings in consumption and bring businesses on the path towards the energy independence.

Myenergy devotes the utmost care for each customer, conducting in-depth feasibility analysis up to the elaboration of customized projects based on the characteristics of the sheds and the site (including possible snow load and wind force), including detailed statistical calculations: thanks to wide range of accessories and supports available it is possible to install systems on any roof, in full compliance with European standards and with the final delivery of certifications required by law.

A dedicated Project Manager follows the works management and the coordination of the activities, ensuring compliance with the quality standards and the schedules defined in the contract phase.

B2B MyEnergy

Energy saving for companies

Energy efficiency is the first fundamental step for companies on the path towards energy self-sufficiency: this is why Myenergy helps companies and professionals to implement forms of monitoring consumption and control of energy costs, conducting in-depth analyses on the systems and company energy habits and developing tailor-made sustainable solutions that maximize the economic performance and help to separate from energy dependence on third parties.

The main energy efficiency interventions in the business area are: refurbishment of heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting systems, rephasing interventions, installation of metering and energy monitoring systems, installation of cogeneration systems and for the exploitation of renewable energy.

Energy saving for companies

Routine and special maintenance

Myenergy offers companies a service of maintenance of medium or large-sized photovoltaic systems throughout the national territory, which is divided into formulas and contracts tailored to the characteristics of the system and the needs of each customer:

ordinary periodic maintenance, with module washing, electric check-up, vacuum test and issue of the intervention report;

extraordinary maintenance with in-depth technical controls and paperwork necessary for the recognition of GSE incentives. Photovoltaic revamping is another example of extraordinary maintenance, where a technological modernisation of the system is made on the basis of a technical evaluation

remote and real-time monitoring of the functionality of the system and control of environmental conditions (irradiance, temperature, etc.), with customized contractual options;

maintenance with Guarantee of Production: intervention option, ordinary or extraordinary, ensuring that the system is kept under conditions of maximum system efficiency (for systems greater than 50 kWp);

aerial thermography scans, carried out by drones with infrared cameras, with thermal mapping of the system and analysis of possible anomalies, paperwork assistance, insurance packages and much more;

auxiliary services, available individually or integrated into a maintenance contract, which enrich Myenergy's offer with capability of system testing, balance calculation, analysis of energy production, consumption statement, advice for UTF, assistance in the use of software and dedicated portals.

Photovoltaic system maintenance