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Impianto Fotovoltaico

Photovoltaic Systems

All you need to know about our photovoltaic systems.

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Incentivi fotovoltaico, il decreto FER 1 è pronto

Photovoltaic incentives, FER 1 Decree is ready

The Renewable Decree FER 1 is being examined by the European Commission and awaits from Brussels the definitive go-ahead for the incentives on photovo...

Photovoltaic system

A powered home with solar panels?

Myenergy is specialized in the design of domestic photovoltaic systems (turnkey), not only in Italy but also in the rest of the world. The company has more than 950 installed photovoltaic systems that, among other things, save on the cost of electricity thanks to the productivity of our photovoltaic panels.

Our portfolio includes the installation of solar panels worldwide. We install photovoltaic systems in accordance with current European regulations and distinguish the quality of our solar modules, the defense of sustainability and environmental protection. Thanks to renewable energy sources, especially photovoltaics, we will be able to guarantee a sustainable future for everyone.

This ecological choice can be used, as mentioned before, even in your home. It is not just a question of saving on bills, but also of conscience.

How does a photovoltaic system work?

Photovoltaic panels are the basis of every system.

A photovoltaic panel is a structure composed of photovoltaic cells, these cells are able to convert the energy of the sun into electricity through the famous photovoltaic effect. The photovoltaic cell is therefore essential in the construction of a photovoltaic module, in fact the photovoltaic panels on the market are made up of 48, 60, 72 up to 96 cells each.

Once the basic process is understood, the operation of a photovoltaic system will be shown below.

Photovoltaic System

The energy produced by the photovoltaic system (A) is converted by the inverter (B) and fed into the local low-voltage grid.

The first counter (C1) positioned by the GSE manager next to the inverter, counts all the energy produced by the photovoltaic system. The energy produced is transferred to the local manager D (usually ENEL) and counted by the second counter (C2) which detects the KWH input to the network. The third counter (C3), ie the normal counter that you normally have at home, counts the energy consumption for your needs when there is no electricity production from the plant or when the system did not meet the consumption.

In short, C2 has the characteristic of measuring the energy fed into the national network, while the C3 is to measure consumption. Usually the C2 and C3 counters are condensed into a single bidirectional counter.

Photovoltaic panels

How much do you save on bills with the installation of a photovoltaic system?

You heard right. With photovoltaics, you can save on bills! But it's not about any savings, we're talking about saving for life on the bill.

With the installation of a photovoltaic system at home, you will be your own energy manager. An investment to consider, given that with the new FER 1 Decree, tax concessions make it possible to carry out the exchange on the spot. So, thanks to the exchange on site, you can sell to the GSE the electricity produced by the photovoltaic system and not consumed that will be fed into the network.

We immediately clarify one thing: photovoltaics is not a cost, but an investment.

In general, a 3 kw photovoltaic system is sufficient for a "standard" family of 3-4 people. If, however, you want to increase the production capacity of your home, increasing the savings in the bill, a family, if you have space available on your home or garden, you can even opt for a 6 kw system .

Come on, ask us for your Photovoltaic system estimate from 3 Kw - 6 Kw.

Photovoltaic Systems saving

Advantages from photovoltaics also for companies?

Although installing a photovoltaic system at home saves your daily consumption, the installation of photovoltaic panels or photovoltaic modules on the roof, above the sheds or on the ground, will save on the cost of electricity in your company.

A company photovoltaic system will guarantee you great benefits, both for the pocket and for your store. As already mentioned, this is an investment. Of course, what matters, as for every investment, is not the price, but the time and the measure of economic return. But do not worry: now, with the tax deductions on the cost of the photovoltaic system and the state tax incentives, you can recover the investment made in a few years and enjoy your own energy management.

The condominiums and hotels, for example, will enjoy until 2021 a deduction of 75% for the installation of photovoltaic systems and storage systems that feed the common users, such as the elevator, when renovations of buildings.

If you still have doubts, contact us and find out if the photovoltaic is convenient. Visit the official Myenergy page and simulate your photovoltaic system.

Photovoltaic Systems tax incentives

How do the cost items of a quote for a quality solar roof work for Myenergy?

  • Solar Panels or Photovoltaic Modules: these are certainly one of the first cost items. Just as there are different types of modules, the choice of higher quality modules, even if they also have a better aesthetic impact, can increase the cost of the system, but also its quality. Find out everything about our photovoltaic panels.
  • Inverters: inverters are a fundamental component of the plant, capable of converting the current from continuous to alternating. Myenergy guarantees products of excellent quality, always taking care of each realization to maintain an impeccable image.
  • Support and Installation Structures: Given the complexity and variety of solutions available on the market, Myenergy offers a wide range. In any case, the installation will be carried out by competent personnel, therefore skilled labor, with the use of suitable materials (cables, control units, security systems) ensures safety and ensures its investment over time.
  • Handling of Bureaucratic Practices: all the request procedures made to the GSE and the requests for connection to the network to be sent to Enel or Acea involve time and costs. But our company will keep everything under control for you. The installer assumes all responsibilities related to sending the correct documentation and any delays in the delivery of the documents.
  • Network connection: the costs of connection to the electricity grid depend on the power being fed into the network, to which is added a sum calculated between power and distances between the connection point and the medium / low voltage transformer of the GSE.
  • Insurance: one of the most controversial cost items in the estimate of a photovoltaic system is the insurance on the modules. Securing your investment against unforeseen accidental or atmospheric damage should be taken into consideration.

Still not convinced? It requires a free estimate and without constraint, so you can evaluate prices and costs, and also study the return on investment. What are you waiting for?

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