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Fotovoltaico con Noleggio Operativo. Risparmia a locazione

Photovoltaic with Operative Rental. A proposal

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Have you ever thought about renting a photovoltaic plant?

The operational photovoltaic rent as an alternative to the traditional purchase of photovoltaic systems.

What is the Operative Photovoltaic Rental?

The Operative Rental of a photovoltaic system is an alternative formula to the purchase and the lease that allows, against the payment of a periodic rate, acquire the photovoltaic plant for a specific period of time, without incurring the cost of purchase.

With each passing day, the investment in photovoltaic energy gets greater recognition as possible, economic and popular. The production of energy through a photovoltaic system allows to reduce, even to zero, the energy costs. The change to photovoltaic energy is an option of environmental respect towards a more ecological and clean consumption. Whether it's a house or a company, we're talking about the same opportunity. However, for companies, energy needs can be high and represent an important part of a company's costs. It is precisely for this reason that many companies are equipped with a photovoltaic system able to fully or partially meet the energy needs of the company.

It must always be remembered that a photovoltaic system represents a substantial investment from an economic point of view. Of course, it is not an investment to stay away and, although over the years the advantages are considerable, it is possible that initially the costs of its management are not indifferent.

 Unfortunately for many small and medium enterprises (SMEs), investing in the traditional purchase of a photovoltaic system can be very expensive, we know that the initial outlay can represent an obstacle for small and medium entrepreneurs, and that only for this reason they renounce large savings in energy expenditure. But thanks to operating rent, there is the opportunity to save immediately without having to make any investment.

 Do you think it's too easy? Well, it's just that way!

Myenergy Photovoltaic Operating Rental

Let's see what is the operational rent of a photovoltaic system.

Operational rent is a service widely used by companies and consists of the long-term rental of capital goods and/or means of transport. Therefore, the company does not acquire ownership of the plant that remains in place of the rental company.

For Myenergy S.p.A. operational photovoltaic rent has been a reality for quite some time. Our company offers an innovative, flexible and supreme quality formula that allows companies to equip themselves with a photovoltaic system, without sustaining their initial costs. It is a real lease of a photovoltaic system. We will take care of the supply and installation of a system adapted to the needs of the client, always maintaining the quality of our company in photovoltaic terms.

The photovoltaic system operating is not a lease but is a rent backed by the payment of a monthly fee.


Why should you evaluate the operational rental of a photovoltaic system for your company?

    • You will have energy and efficiency savings without having to pay for the system;
    • All the energy produced by your system is yours and you use it. In this way, the consumption and costs for the supply of electricity are reduced;
    • never have any concerns because the service includes maintenance and technical management during the entire rental period;
    • The rental rate is paid almost completely through the savings (energy and taxes) and the exchange Income in Place.
Photovoltaic Operating Rental business

Photovoltaic rental in detail:

 1 - Who can use the operating rent?

SMEs face, especially in these years of credit crisis and general difficulties to raise capital, important problems of financial exposure. The "traditional" purchase with the payment of the photovoltaic system or the cogenerator in a single solution is often prohibitive, even if it would imply a significant saving of energy.

For this reason, all companies and holders of VAT numbers that need a photovoltaic system that saves money immediately, without having to invest money to acquire the instrumental asset, can rent a photovoltaic system.


2 - What are the advantages of renting a photovoltaic system?

  1. The company does not assume the costs of the purchase.
  2. The company enjoys an immediate fiscal relief by being able to place the total amount paid in 12 months at cost.
  3. Initial investment expenses that may reach zero against a fixed quarterly rate of a maximum duration of 10 years with the possibility of early withdrawal.
  4. The contracted asset is not recorded in the balance sheet and does not constitute a debt for the company. So, there are no reports in the Risk Central.
  5. There is no access to any bank fund.
  6. Rental rates are fully deductible for IRES and IRAP purposes.
  7. Immediate savings: self-consumption, savings on the electricity bill, tax relief for lease payments almost completely reduces the cost of the fee paid.
  8. Zero management risks or hidden costs: the fixed rate is the "Full Service" and protects against the increase in energy costs.

A significant advantage, in addition to those listed above, is that the costs incurred by having an operational lease system are totally reduced, since the benefits derived from fiscal and energy savings are significant over time.


3 - What does the Operational Rental formula include?

    • Consumption analysis and identification of the optimal size of the photovoltaic system.
    • Design and installation of the photovoltaic plant, including paperwork.
    • Installation of energy control system.
    • Operation and Management Service (O & M), that is, complete management of the plant, including VAT insurance, assistance, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, remote control;
    • Report and analysis of performance.


4 - What happens after the rental?

It depends on you When the rental period expires, you can decide whether to rescue the photovoltaic system and become its owner, or return it.

If the company decides to buy the photovoltaic plant from the supplier at a pre-agreed price (which will be quantified in a timely manner for each project, but always less than the value of a year of savings). He could use it, fully enjoying the savings generated, until the end of his life.

It should also be emphasized that a relevant aspect: once the user becomes the owner, he can accumulate the advantages derived from self-consumption to those of the transfer to the photovoltaic electricity network. It is estimated that the advantage can be quantified with + 30% of the economic value of self-consumption.

graphic photovoltaic operative rent 2019

If the company wishes to return the plant, the supplier will proceed to the elimination without additional costs.

It's that easy.


 Operational rental: the ideal solution for your company?

Thanks to the operating rent, you have the possibility to immediately reduce the costs of your electricity bill by 25-30%.

If you are a company interested in evaluating the opportunity to operate the rental, contact Myenergy S.p.A. We will study together the correct size and the best return plan to satisfy your needs.

 To find together a solution that suits your needs, contact us now without any commitment.

Advantages-of-the-Solution "Rental-operative-Photovoltaic" -values- "typical" -of-a-plant-of-199-kW-of-installed-in-a-warehouse-of-Marche
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