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Moduli fotovoltaici: nuove frontiere

Photovoltaic modules: new frontiers of power coming soon

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Ecobonus 2019, detrazione per il risparmio energetico

Eco-bonus 2019, what is and how it works the deduction for energy saving .

To learn how the 2019 eco-bonus works, we bring you a complete guide to energy saving deduction. With us, you will discover what it is and when it is ...

With the announcement by Trina Solar of the Vertex 550 and 600 Wp series, an industrial alliance has just been formed to develop super-powerful panels.

Trina Solar has succeeded in setting as targets the large-scale production of the new photovoltaic module of the Vertex 550 W series in the last months of 2020 and the development of the new generation of 600 W panels - also from the Vertex series - within the platform technology just launched with more than thirty companies in the PV sector.

Increasingly fierce in the race to make super-powerful photovoltaic modules, Trina Solar remains strong in the sector thanks to the application of various technological innovations in industrial production lines. Innovations include 210 mm silicon wafers, multi-busbar technology and high density interconnections, which allow to reach an efficiency higher than 21% with the 550 W module.

Photovoltaic modules: new frontiers of power coming soon

In recent days, in fact, the 600W + Photovoltaic Open Innovation Ecological Alliance was presented, a revolutionary alliance that already includes 39 photovoltaic companies and which aims to build very high power modules, 600 W or more. We just have to wait with confidence for the news on the technological processes that lead to the achievement of these innovations.

The alliance, shaped by companies such as Huawei, JA Solar, Risen Energy, SMA, in addition to Trina Solar itself, aims to investigate and develop the segments of the PV supply chain, from silicon to the manufacture of materials and components, passing through wafers , cells, modules, trackers and inverters.

Also in recent months the announcements of many PV module manufacturers have multiplied to launch new products in the 500 W range: firstly Trina Solar, followed by JA Solar and Risen Energy, then Jinko Solar, LONGi and Midsummer to mention some.

These super-modules are designed to meet customer needs, eager to further reduce the LCOE (Levelized Cost of Electricity, i.e. the all-inclusive cost to produce energy with photovoltaics) and thus maximize the economic value of photovoltaics for the generation of renewable electricity.

Rightly, the uses of 500 Wp panels are mainly in large installations on the ground or on the roofs of commercial-industrial buildings. In these cases, operators are constantly looking for maximum efficiency at the lowest possible cost, in order to optimize the economic performance and energy production of their photovoltaic projects.

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