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Vale la pena installare un impianto fotovoltaico

Photovoltaic incentives: Should I install a residential photovoltaic system?

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Ecobonus 2019, detrazione per il risparmio energetico

Eco-bonus 2019, what is and how it works the deduction for energy saving .

To learn how the 2019 eco-bonus works, we bring you a complete guide to energy saving deduction. With us, you will discover what it is and when it is ...

Is it really worth installing a photovoltaic system? Scientific and technological advances have made these systems more efficient, however the costs, in addition to increasing thanks to the latest technologies, are increasingly accessible. Furthermore, the State and Regions also encourage and facilitate the use of renewable energies by making use of incentives and concessions to bring Italy towards a greener future.


Photovoltaic incentives 2020:

After much speculation in the last months of 2019, the farewell to the transfer of credit on photovoltaic systems finally came to light. This is certainly not a step backwards, in fact, all the other incentives for photovoltaics have also been confirmed in 2020.

The 50% tax deduction on photovoltaic panels

Since its inception, photovoltaic energy has experienced increasing success, both in terms of environmental needs and energy savings. The latter has brought many new opportunities both for homes and for companies that have been able to exploit the benefits of renewable sources. The state contributed to this photovoltaic boom by encouraging this viable ecological solution by facilitating the 50% tax deduction. The tax deduction allows the customer to become a creditor of the state for 50% of the expenses incurred and, therefore, to obtain an indirect refund through a tax relief on taxes, spread over 10 years. All expenses relating to the installation of the photovoltaic system can be deducted, therefore the costs of design, material, labor and bureaucratic expenses.

Is it worth installing a photovoltaic system?: Immagine 1

Subsidized VAT for solar panels

 All renewable energy systems, including therefore photovoltaic systems for domestic use, have access to subsidized VAT at 10% and not to the classic 22% VAT. The subsidized VAT applies to all system components and to all installation costs, including labor.

On-site exchange for photovoltaic systems.

 Another incentive that can also be accessed in 2020 is on-site exchange. A photovoltaic system produces energy during the day, but this energy is not completely used and is therefore fed into the grid. In the afternoon or at night, when the plant does not produce, energy is taken from the national grid. On-site exchange is a regime that allows you to see the energy produced by your system valued: the energy supplied to the network and the extracted energy are compensated economically and the surplus produced is reimbursed by the GSE (Manager of Energy Services) on so-called "exchange contribution".

Your contribution to the environment

 The decision to switch to photovoltaics must not be motivated only by state incentives. Although they are valid elements because of the economic advantages they bring, we must also take note of our responsibilities with the environment. We must start thinking about new methods to guarantee a sustainable future for our planet and rightly photovoltaic energy offers us a valid opportunity to reduce environmental pollution.


Tax deduction, subsidized VAT, on-site exchange, economic savings, energy freedom and environmental responsibility ... No need to reckon: installing a photovoltaic system will be super convenient even in 2020!

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