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Incentivi fotovoltaico, il decreto FER 1 è pronto

Photovoltaic incentives, FER 1 Decree is ready

The Renewable Decree FER 1 is being examined by the European Commission and awaits from Brussels the definitive go-ahead for the incentives on photovo...

Our Photovoltaic Panels

Myenergy bet for the best

Photovoltaic panels are the base of every system, over time they can make the difference on the time of recovery of the investment, on the margins of profit and on the yield.

So it becomes important to choose the best product based on the price and performance provided, and we will take care of that.

But let's start from the basics: A photovoltaic panel is a structure composed of photovoltaic cells, these solar cells generate current when they are irradiated by the sun's rays through the famous photovoltaic effect that converts solar energy into electricity. The photovoltaic cell is therefore essential in the construction of a photovoltaic module, in fact, the photovoltaic panels on the market are made up of 48, 60, 72 up to 96 cells each.


Each photovoltaic cell differs from the others for the amount of silicon it contains:

High-efficiency photovoltaic cell expensive and very pure thanks to special silicon oxide purification procedures. An example is the Maxeon technology, patented by the US company Sunpower. The high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon cells have a solid copper base that allows to convert more energy compared to traditional cells and also have a longer life.


Monocrystalline photoelectric cell is expensive because the slices of matter contain a lot of silicon. Their efficiency is around 18 - 21%,

Polycrystalline photovoltaic cell economic, but slightly less efficient because the slices of matter contain little amount of silicon. Their efficiency is around 15 - 17%.


Photovoltaic Benefits

Benefits of photovoltaic panels

Installing photovoltaic panels on the roof of your home, on the shelter that shelters our car or on the tool shed has many advantages:

A photovoltaic system independently produces the amount of clean energy that a family needs, without CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and limiting our impact on the environment.

It reduces costs on your electricity bill, saving you money that can be used for other purposes. Installing photovoltaic panels is even cheaper thanks to a 50% tax deduction on the total purchase amount.

Photovoltaic panels increase the value of the building because they energetically improve our home, in fact, switching to photovoltaic means increasing the energy efficiency class of your home.

Efficiency photovoltaic panels performance

The efficiency of a photovoltaic system depends on the preliminary evaluations and the choices made on the components that compose it, the type and quality of the photovoltaic panels, orientation, inclination of the modules, the absence of shading.

There are different types of solar panels: Firstly, monocrystalline photovoltaic modules that offer a higher yield from 13 to 19%, take up less space in agreement with the power and have a greater sensitivity to temperatures. While polycrystalline photovoltaic panels are cheaper, and for that they offer a lower yield (12 - 16%), they need more surface and have a lower temperature sensitivity.

To choose the photovoltaic modules that best suit your needs, Myenergy considers these 3 important characteristics:

Nominal power - [the peak kiloWatt] expresses the maximum power delivered by the panels is in fact the maximum electric power that the photovoltaic system is able to produce under standard conditions ie 25 ° C and incident solar radiation of 1000 Watt / m2.

Warranty - product and linear on the power that can be verified at any time thanks to the photovoltaic panel technical sheet;

Module efficiency - the ratio of conversion between irradiation and generated power.


Our Three Photovoltaic Panels: Sunpower, LG and Hanwha Qcells

sunpower Photovoltaic panels

Sunpower Photovoltaic Panel

Sunpower photovoltaic panels are today the most appreciated on the market and offer greater installed power with the same space available. The price of Sunpower photovoltaic panels is higher than average, but the company ensures a 20% higher energy production than normal and guarantees a useful life of 25 years.

The total compatibility with the inverters ensures high efficiency maximizing the energy produced by the system.

LG Photovoltaic Panels

LG Photovoltaic Panel

LG Solar is a world-renowned company for the production of high quality and high power photovoltaic panels. LG solutions include a wide range of products, making them able to adapt to any needs. LG photovoltaic panels offer better efficiency and a new elegant design.

The novelty of the latest solar panels is certainly the Cello technology, applied to photovoltaic modules. It is an innovative system, able to improve the absorption of sunlight thanks to a specially designed project.

The system is equipped with 12 wires that can disperse sunlight over the entire surface of the photovoltaic panel itself.

LG has extended the product warranty from 10 to 12 years and has also improved the guarantee on linear performance. The price of LG photovoltaic panels fits perfectly into the average of high-efficiency panels.

LG Photovoltaic Panels

Hanwha Qcells Photovoltaic Panel

Hanwha Q-CELLS is a manufacturer of photovoltaic panels with a lot of experience in the sector and continuous research to offer solutions at very competitive prices.

The range of photovoltaic panels proposed by Hanwha Q CELLS covers a range of powers from 260 to 305 Wp with monocrystalline and polycrystalline solutions. Thanks to this flexibility, Hanwha Q CELLS solutions are suitable for every need of a photovoltaic system.

Both the monocrystalline and the polycrystalline photovoltaic modules proposed for Hanwha Q CELLS are the ideal solution for any type of photovoltaic system thanks to excellent reliability and innovative cells with flag technology.

The innovative Hanwha Q-CELLS modules have set world records as developed to achieve the best performance under real operating conditions.

monocrystalline and polycrystalline panels

Every one of Myenergy photovoltaic panels have an added value: they offer high quality and performance. island, connected in the network or the cost of installation of photovoltaic panels will be an optimal reversal.

For these reasons, there is no right choice, but tailor-made solutions based on personal needs.

Discover the best photovoltaic panels for your system. Request a photovoltaic system quote directly from our official website.

Simulate a photovoltaic system or contact us immediately.

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