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Incentivi Rinnovabili, firmato il decreto FER1 da MiSE e MinAmbiente: Myenergy

Renewable Incentives, signed the FER1 decree from MiSE and MinAmbiente

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Incentivi fotovoltaico, il decreto FER 1 è pronto

Photovoltaic incentives, FER 1 Decree is ready

The Renewable Decree FER 1 is being examined by the European Commission and awaits from Brussels the definitive go-ahead for the incentives on photovo...

The ERF 1 decree on renewable incentives passes to the Court of Auditors before publication in the Official Journal

Already signed the Decree FER1 (or Decree FER Mature), the provision that regulates the new renewable incentives. In a joint press release, the Development and Economic Minister Luigi Di Maio, and the Environment Minister, Sergio Costa, announced that they had signed the document and thus closed the wait.

The implementation of the renewable DM, the departments say, should in fact allow the construction of plants for a new total power of around 8 GW, with an increase in green production estimated at around 12 billion kWh

In recent days the Renewable Decree FER1 had received the ok from the European Commission; immediately after the ministerial technicians had put their hands to the draft to dissolve the last nodes, hydroelectric in the first place, before handing it over to the Court of Auditors. The wait is now all concentrated on publication in the Official Journal.

DM Renewable Incentives

Recalling its content, this decree provides for the behavior of incentives in relation to renewable energy sources.

One of the major changes is represented by the postponement of the opening dates of the calls: if it had originally been hypothesized on November 30, 2018 as the starting date, the difficulties in closing the text in recent months have forced us to move everything forward by almost a year .

The dates shown obviously refer both to the registration in the registers (to which individual plants or aggregates with a total capacity of less than 1 MW may participate) and to the opening of the lower auctions (to which individual plants or aggregates of total power may participate). equal to or greater than 1 MW).

Procedurr Nr.

Call opening date


September 30, 2019


January 31, 2020


May 31, 2020


September 30, 2020


January 31, 2021


May 31, 2021


September 30, 2021

The calls are organized in four groups:
A - wind and photovoltaic plants
A2 - photovoltaic systems whose modules are installed on roofs in place of asbestos roofing
(valid only for registration in the registers and not for auctions)
B - hydroelectric and waste gas plants of purification processes
C - wind farms or group B plants subject to total or partial renovation.

PRIORITY - For the allocation of renewable incentives to group A priority will be given to plants built on closed landfills and on Sites of National Interest and, in the case of group A2, to those installed in the order on roofs of schools, hospitals and others public buildings. On the hydroelectric and mini-hydroelectric front, priority will be given to hydroelectric plants that respect at least one of the construction characteristics of the Ministerial Decree of June 23, 2016 (the famous four "i"), while those powered by gas will scale the ranking if fed with gases left over from the processes of purification or if equipped with the cover of the digestate tanks. Overall, a classification plus will be assigned to all the installations aggregated to and those connected in "parallel" with the electricity grid and with the recharging columns of electric cars (provided that the recharging power is not less than 15% of the power of the system and that each column has a power of at least 15 kW).
For the projects that will participate in the auctions, the possession of a legality rating equal to at least two “stars” will also be considered.

REWARDS - "Change, moreover - explain the two departments - the method of recognition of the premium on self-consumption", valid only if the auto energy consumed is more than 40% of the net production: for power plants up to 100 kW on buildings, a bonus of € 10 / MWh is assigned on the net portion of production consumed on site. The premium can be combined with that for PV panels to replace covers containing asbestos, which is equal to € 12 / MWh on all the energy produced.

For Myenergy, this decree represents an opportunity to further diversify its field of action, given that new horizons seem to give added value to the activity of this company and favorable conditions for the expansion of users active in the photovoltaic sector reappear.

The decree, however, not only benefits non-conventional energy service companies and customers with access to incentives, but also promotes the acquisition of new ecofriendly customers that guarantee a sustainable future for the planet. This is why, as a premise, this Decree intends to encourage the massification of this type of solution, guaranteeing a premium to those who use clean energy.

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