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Incentivi fotovoltaico, il decreto FER 1 è pronto

Photovoltaic incentives, FER 1 Decree is ready

The Renewable Decree FER 1 is being examined by the European Commission and awaits from Brussels the definitive go-ahead for the incentives on photovo...

Rent your roof at Myenergy and earn for it

Rent your roof in Myenergy and start earning immediately.

Taking for example Milan, with its 1911 hours of sunshine a year, or Rome with 2533, we can verify thanks to these data that Italy is an optimal source of solar energy, making it the perfect place for the development of photovoltaic technology.

It is time to act without doubts.

Myenergy offers an effective way to generate revenue thanks to the use of the space that few people use.

If the strengthening of the solar panel sector in Italy is not a sufficient reason, we have listed below other reasons to convince it.

  • Hiring your roof is the best way to expand the reach of solar technology.
  • Make sense of a commonly unused space: the ceiling
  • Guarantee a source of income by receiving a roof rental fee every year
  • Protect your roof from the elements by covering it with solar panels.
  • Help Italy achieve its ambitious European goals
  • Reduce pollution with ecological solutions.
  • It guarantees a sustainable future for all

If you are interested in renting your roof, contact us and we will clarify any questions you may have. Myenergy also offers international service and is present in more than eleven countries.

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