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Myenergy sbarca anche a Malta in questo 2019: Immagine

Myenergy brings solar panels to Malta in 2019

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Incentivi fotovoltaico, il decreto FER 1 è pronto

Photovoltaic incentives, FER 1 Decree is ready

The Renewable Decree FER 1 is being examined by the European Commission and awaits from Brussels the definitive go-ahead for the incentives on photovo...

Myenergy lands in the Country of the Sun.

New news for the photovoltaic industry. After the growth in Italy, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Spain, Sierra Leone, Switzerland, Norway, Ivory Coast, Mexico and Chile, Myenergy arrives again in Malta, where it will carry out its design and installation work of photovoltaic systems. This time, the site chosen for construction work is the Malta International Airport in the Scirocco region of Malta.

In the field of electricity production, the territory of the Republic of Malta, an island archipelago belonging to the southern European continent, depends totally on imports of petroleum products. For this reason, in addition to the new opportunities for expansion, this commercial relationship between Myenergy and Luqa International Airport is also a moment of triumph for renewable energy in the Maltese archipelago. With 3 000 hours of sunshine a year, the archipelago is one of the sunniest places in Europe, which makes it the perfect place for the development of photovoltaic technology.

Malta Roof Renting

"We can recognize that Myenergy is now present in Malta. - assures Antonio Vallardi, Export Manager of the company. - We have set up a new company under the name of Myenergy Limited, and thanks to which we have won a tender for the construction of a 997.92 kW ground-mounted photovoltaic system, we announce that work at the Maltese airport will begin in the early days of May."

According to the forecasted data for this design, 616.215,60 tons of CO2 will be saved for an annual productivity of 948.024,00 kWh. Although they do not represent the largest data recorded by our company, for Myenergy a new consolidation in Malta strengthens the relations between both countries, ensuring the improvement of energy efficiency, allowing a responsible consumption and promising an energy saving unprecedented to the archipelago.

Myenergy S.p.A., certified according to the relevant European standards, is an Italian company among the main EPC contractors (Engineering, Procurement and Contractor) at national and international level. Since 2006 he has been working in the photovoltaic sector, gaining a lot of experience in terms of professionalism and innovation, characteristics that have given the company a call to tender in Malta, as well as its qualification in the design and installation of photovoltaic systems.

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